The Elli Buk Auction – Concord, NH 11/30/2013

Elli Buk Auction
Jim Saturley at the Elli Buk Auction – Concord Auction Center – Concord, NH

My mom and I went went over to the Concord Auction Center (Concord, NH) two weeks ago to scope out the Elli Buk auction happening the next day. What we saw there was amazing. And what I walked out with was just unbelievable.

The lots were all from the estate of the late Mr. Elli Buk. The auction that I attended was for the stuff left over from a previous, high roller auction in which a toilet from the HMS Queen Victoria sold for $20,000. Even though we only saw the bottom of the barrel, I wish I had read up on this man more than a night before the auction. I easily would have thrown down a few grand instead of the measly $150 I spent. All in all though, I would consider this particular auction a whopping success for my very, very small business.

“The massive collection of over 2,000 items is going up for auction in late April, and is something one is not likely to see in a lifetime. Steampunk aficionados will find hundreds of curiosities to satisfy their need for Jules Verne-like objects from the industrial revolution — including, but not limited to, microscopes and telescopes; medical devices and quackery; patent models and salesman’s samples; early projectors, still and motion cameras; motors, archaic electrical devices and machinery; globes and surveying instruments; telegraphy and telephones; televisions and radios; as well as objects from our industrial past and household items such as typewriters and sewing machines.” – John Foster, Design Observer

Here are a few links on the first auction and Elli Buk if you’re interested:

Here are some pictures I took of the lots I liked:

Jim Saturley at the Elli Buk Auction – Concord Auction Center – Concord, NH
Apothecary Glass Bottles
Antique 1880s Apothecary / Chemist Glass Bottles
Vintage Industrial Stools
Antique Royal Remington Typewriter
Antique Royal & Remington Typewriters
Vintage Pulleys Industrial Wood Metal
Lot of 14 Vintage Pulleys

I ended up winning the lot of Apothecary bottles and typewriters… and several other lots. Woops!

Some of the products are still available on my store:


Antique Apothecary Bottle with Hand Written Label


Pottery Marks – Hotta Yu Shoten & Co.

It took me quite a while to figure this one out so I thought it best to write my first post about this lovely peach teacup & saucer, part of a set that I found at a community barn sale in Canterbury, NH a few weeks ago. Here’s a snapshot of the mark on the bottom of the saucer:

After a bit of sleuthing I came across a post on In the post (, Admin Peter is able to tell us quite a bit about this tea cup based solely on the description of the mark:

  • Tentative date: 1920-40
  • Manufacturer: Hotta Yu Shoten & Co.
  • Company was in operation from 1920 to 1947
  • The flower depicted is a cherry blossom

Peters words here:

“The shop selling the wares was the Hotta Yu Co. The use of the word “Shoten” means “shop which sells wares fired from its own kilns“. The pottery mark is likely to be from the 1920-30’s. The use of NIPPON was generally discontinued after 1921.If the backstamp were to say “Hand Painted, Made in Occupied Japan”, the date would be 1945-52.

“This firm made an array of tableware and kitchen ware, as well as very cute animals. Just about every design I have seen from this company is a peach. Very nice design values, yet I suspect the wares were not expensive at the time and were possibly considered ‘cheap’ mass production even though they flagged up ‘hand painted’. Fact is, all ceramic of this type would be hand-painted unless it calls for transfer printing on certain bits.”